Have you ever asked yourself what goes on during the nations Parliamentary seating’s? It is sorrowful that no one has ever taken time to ask. We hear of stories of Cameroon MP’s lodged in grand luxurious hotels with tax payers money, and they work all night with their girlfriends and boyfriends, and get up the next day for the sessions where they find comfortable sits to doze off. some are alcohol infested and they manifest this by becoming perpetual hand clappers and support for the popular side… these are the people who vote and pass laws and when they come out, we say they constituted the majority… majority my foot! A parliament of gerontocracy. How can weak and sleepy eyes deliberate on laws and issues that concern people? and yet they come and consume tax payers money in the name of representing them- (in their dreams). At the end of each working session we get get brief reports of things agreed upon by the sleepy eyes and hand clappers which will affect innocent citizens for the rest of their lives.
It is high time Cameroonians started knowing what goes on behind close doors among MP’s who we say are ambassadors of the people.

It is high time we started having live coverages of these Parliamentary seating’s on our flat screens. It is high time our media organs started given priority to issues that go on in our National Assembly rather than run after stale events for ‘gombo’ like ‘gombophones’. Then we will all know and identify those ambassadors who sleep, clap hands, cause action, party mongers and most importantly, those who represent the interest of those who voted them in. In other countries like Nigeria, Britain etc, their Parliamentary seating’s are showed live and you really get to see how people engage themselves in physical combat because they are fighting for the interest of their people. This should not end only in our Parliamentary seating’s, our courts should also give access for live coverage in some delicate issues especially those that concern embezzlement, corruption etc (cases like that of the albatross) Cameroonians will best know if justice was done or not.

If we need to attain vision 2035, we need to start being transparent- transparent here means giving the opportunity for the tax payers to judge for themselves, do the checks and balances which the government has failed to do.


Rural Communities have Become Citadels of Teenage Pregnancy and HIV/AIDS

In some years to come standards of living will rise up to the extend that even a call box operator will not be able to operate if he/she does not have and advanced level G.C.E certificate or its equivalent. The path towards the realization of this is visible in must urban areas but very different and the opposite in rural communities.
Most rural communities have become centers for baby making. In my local community, Baingo-Kom, in the North West Region, the situation is very glaring. Children now give Birth to children. A personal survey i conducted on this issue (teenage pregnancy) showed that out of every 10 girls from the age of 15-30, seven have babies before marriage. At least four out of these 10 must have dropped out from school due to this. Not to talk of how many might have contracted HIV before going on their nine months probation period. What has led to the increasing rate of teenage pregnancy in Kom and Baingo in particular is the support from culture and tradition. The girl and child are easily accepted into the family and given the girls father’s name (which is good), but nothing is done or said about the author of the child. The boys have less or no responsibility over these children gotten out of wed-luck.
I will say the the girls are very fertile and I thank God for that. But is that the right way to utilize such a precious gift? I am not surprise seeing parents sending their children to study in urban areas because of the malchance that follow them in rural communities. In as much as we talk of high prostitution and promiscuity in the urban areas, their Knowledge on family planning and HIV/AIDS is very very advance compared to local communities, which makes them to be able to avoid contracting these sexually transmitted diseases. on the other hand, local girls and boys are ignorant and negligent on such which in turn have devastating effects on them, the community and country at large.
Taking into consideration the importance of education in our society today, the effects teenage pregnancy on the society, and the risks involved from the act to the product- premature pregnancy, abortion, dead, HIV/AIDS, and STDs just to name a few, the need for our girls to go to school, the need to educate both the boys and the girls on the legal implications taking responsibility over a child, we the Baingo Students Association (BASA) have embarked on Organizing a sensitization campaign and workshop on TEENAGE PREGNANCY AND HIV/AIDS, come this August 2014 in Baingo. The exact date will be communicated to you later on. Hope every community takes such an initiative to combat this opaque epidemic.

QUIZ: Answer these Questions as Accurately as Posible

1)      In which battle did Napoleon die? His last one

 2)      When was the declaration of independence signed? On the bottom of the page

 3)      What is the main reason for divorce? Marriage

 4)      What is the main reason for exams? Failure

 5)      What can you never eat for breakfast? Lunch and Dinner

6)  What looks like half an apple? The other half

 7)       How can a man go 8 days without sleeping? Easy, sleep at night

 8)  How can you lift an elephant with one hand? You can never lift an elephant that has one hand

  9)  If it took eight men 10 hours to build a brick wall, how long will it take 4 men to build  it? No time at all, the wall was already built

   10)   Why is it that there are more women than men in the world? Simple, it is easy                   for god to fine raw material for making woman than man, in fact, one man    can make 10 women




FASHION and the Place of UB

Fashion is a major call for concern in the University of Buea. The major dressing code is “to match,” as girls will say. Many girls love dressing in the same colour, that is, from head to toe. Others often dress and match their earrings and ribbon on the same colour.

It is often said that charity begins at home. Talking to Mildred, a level 200 student of the department of law, she affirms that she just loves dressing elegantly. She also says she hardly has any African attire.

If you want to get the best out of man, you must look for the best that is in him. Many students turn to neglect the African wears like Aguada, Ngaba, (generally known as Ashuabi). These western styles of dressing have invaded the African markets and Buea in particular. Students turn to buy much of theses western dresses more than African wears mainly because they are cheaper.

With all these taking place, one question remain unanswered; “what becomes of our cultural values which was portrayed through our dressing? Since only a few students dress in the African attire and the rest colonised in the western style.


Insubordination is the deliberate refusal to obey orders or show respect for somebody who has a higher rank. The level of insubordination in the south west region in higher learning institutions is a call for concern especially as most of these workers are being appointed by the same ministerial decree.

According to employees, an appointed principal has nothing to do with an appointed vice principal or teacher. Some even go as far as asking their bosses that if they are the ones who brought to work there? But the million questions is “why is insubordination higher in government institution than private institutions? Could it be due to the fact that almost all government employees are being appointed by the government? Or is it because in the private sector, all the workers are recruited by an individual?” The questions remains open ended.

One need not to look at the age, height, size, and complexion before one gives respect to the authorities that be, because in life there must be a superior and a subordinate. But the level of education and devotedness in the job being given is a factor. For even the bible says respect the state its authority.

“The Formation of Good Conscience”


In a world which is ranked

And rotten with materialism

Where the most common

Philosophy is hedonism

Where luxury is the Somum Bonum


There is the crying need

For dedicated souls

Who will go to the other extreme

And expose the spirit of poverty,

The spirit of austere abstemiousness,

To wage war against the

Onslaught of materialist Godlessness?


For this one thing is absolutely

Necessary; Discipline

Discipline of the heart,

Discipline of the mind

Discipline of the soul.

Discipline not imposed

From without by fear


But a free and willing

Discipline, willing

From within, stemming

From deep and

Unshakable convictions.